Phytogen Facial by Jannsens (250)

  • Cleansing & refreshing toner

  • Facial scrub, steam and comedo extraction

  • Comedo suction with oil control vacuuming technology

  • Infrared to close pores

  • Face massage

  • Deep penetration serum roller

  • Phytogen hydrating peel-off face mask

  • Sunscreen & moisturizing day cream

The most efficient facial therapy from the sea. Containing algae and plants extract, the cooling sensation tightens the skin, shrinks the pores and increases skin elasticity. Promotes healthy blood circulation resulting in fresh, hydrated and bright skin instantly.

- Pair it up with Diamond Microdermabrasion treatment for a maximal result - 

Diamond Microdermabration (450)

A crystalline powder diamond tip is used to softens and exfoliates dead skin cells, restoring the skin around the face and jawline back to elasticity.

Microdermabrasion also:

  • Stimulates the growth of collagen while shrinking pores

  • Removes black spots and smoothen out acne scars

  • Helps to reduce facial oil

  • Reduce wrinkles and facial lines

  • Increase skincare absoption

 Skin will feel smoother, brighter and younger. Your make-up and skincare daily regiment will not be the same afterwards. Safe for all skin types and mature skin. 

Gold Facial By Alora (500)

An anti-aging specialist, gold facial works wonders in rejuvenation of the skin and enhancement of skin elasticity.

Its anti-aging properties help in:

  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and tightens the skin

  • Increases oxygenation and fixes oxidation and sun damages

  • Helps control pigmentation and assist in complexion lightening by increasing the blood circulation and the process of cell renewal

Gold Facial by Alora is a peel off mask and is Suitable for both oily and dry skin. 

Detox Facial (285)

Give your skin a break from the aggression of the sun, dirt and pollution. Encourages the skin to purge, detoxify and cleanse while purifying and rebuilding skin texture. A must have to remove environmental toxins and free radicals that your skin have absorbed. Best suited to those with oily, breakout prone or congested skin. 

Radio Frequency Treatment

Radio frequency (RF) is a non-surgical means of "reshaping" the body and the face from beneath the superficial layer of the skin. This method uses sophisticated devices specifically designed to treat the most common skin aging problems like wrinkles, excess fatty tissues, or cellulite. The method utilizes radio frequency waves which is basically heat energy meant for tissue remodeling and production of elastin and new collagen. 

RF energy alone is primarily used to treat skin laxity by facial tightening, and is best suited to those with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues, from mid-twenties to fifties, with any skin color.

Benefit of radio frequency treatment includes diminishing and removing cellulites, reduction of body fats, tightening of the skin, contouring and shaping.

  • Face & Eyes (550)

  • Stomach (250)

  • Arm (250)

  • Full Body Package (800)